Ivan Watson narrates as he and a crew of CNN journalists clamber across rocks as they leave Syria. "I’ve had some tough assignments," says CNN photographer Joe Duran. "I’d say this is the most difficult one for many reasons. … It’s been not just scary, but emotional. Some of the people we left behind, I just hate to think what might happen to them." Also on CNN: A gripping, long report by a French photographer the network is calling Mani, showing Homs at war. One little girl holds up a photo of her Uncle Salah. "He was filming the demonstrations," she replies, when asked how he died. || Related: Poland's diplomats try to get two wounded journalists out of Homs, along with bodies of Remi Ochlik and Marie Colvin (Associated Press) | Activists, including citizen journalists, in Homs "are prepared to die in the battle for a free and democratic Syria." (Channel 4 News)