Poynter suggested a couple of Valentines for journalists last week to augment 10,000 Words' excellent annual collection. Last-minute Romeos can save themselves a trip to the CVS: Here are a few more, along with the originals.

someecards.com - My confession won't cost you $20 grand: I'm wild about you!

someecards.com - Wanna come to my room and explore some new business models?

someecards.com - Are you embeddable?

someecards.com - I'd drop more than my paywall for you

someecards.com - Your name and address are on the map of my heart.

someecards.com - May Warren Buffett or Aaron Kushner buy your newspaper, hot stuff.

someecards.com - I need you more than three times a week

In other tales of journalism and romance, Paul Ollinger wishes his relationship with The New York Times' website could get hot and heavy more than 10 times a month: "I pine for you," he writes. "But you’ve got baggage. And you’re asking me to pay for it."

You’re crippled by ex-lovers that go by the name ”printing presses,” ”dead trees,” and “fleets of Teamster-driven trucks.” I don’t fault you for these previous relationships, but don’t ask me to pay your alimony.

I know, I know – you can’t just let me pay for what I want without letting all your customers pay for what they want. That’s why old media baggage sucks so bad. You should call Time-Warner Cable and cry it out over a latte.

To be fair, the Times is also asking Ollinger to pay for the "journalism" produced today by "journalists," but his larger point is that he'd like a little more benefit and a little less friendship:

Let me buy a $50 or $100 credits and charge them off for $.25 per article. If you charge me from article 11, and I triple the number of articles I read, that’s (20*$.25) or $5/month, $60/year from me.

Ollinger lives in Atlanta, where he'd pay just over 8 bucks a week for unlimited digital access and a Sunday paper, which would plonk the object of his affection on his lap once a week. I pay the same, and, unlike him, I'm not even one of the first 250 employees of Facebook! Ollinger, you're a funny guy, but sense of humor takes a relationship only so far: If you want it develop you gotta whip out your wallet once in a while, too.

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