San Diego mayoral candidate Kevin Faulconer is polling well in San Diego's Nov. 19 special mayoral election, and he is avoiding the label "Republican," KPBS' Claire Trageser reports. His spokesperson, Tony Manolatos, complained to Trageser because a piece she wrote "was almost entirely about Kevin being a Republican."

The election, scheduled to replace former Mayor Bob Filner, is nonpartisan.

Manolatos had another reason for not giving Trageser information regarding Faulconer's position on immigration: "I'm pretty sure you will paint KF incorrectly, just as you did in your last two stories, bc of your bias, and your boyfriend's bias," he wrote in an email. Later that day, Manolatos sent the info.

Reached by email, Trageser says her boyfriend, Seth Hall, works in IT. He is "engaged in lots of local Twitter discussions," Trageser says, and "calls spokespeople out on BS."

Manolatos apologized to Trageser Tuesday afternoon, she told Poynter in an email after this story was published: "He said he shouldn't have written that about my boyfriend's bias, that I'm a professional and that I do good work," she said.