The Lens

CBS broadcast its show "The Talk" from New Orleans in the week leading up to Super Bowl and is asking for a $700,000 tax credit, Tyler Bridges reports.

“The Motion Picture Investor Tax Credit statute specifically excludes televised news and sporting events from eligibility; therefore, the filming and distribution of a game such as the Super Bowl would be ineligible to receive motion picture tax credits in Louisiana,” Lousiana Economic Development's Chris Stelly told Bridges. “However, talk shows that are filmed in Louisiana are eligible.”

Stelly told Bridges "The Talk" would probably get the credit.

"Traveling and shooting a live, daily entertainment talk show on location is a considerable expense," CBS Studios spokeswoman Lauri Metrose told Bridges. "This was the first time we’ve ever done it for a Super Bowl, showcasing New Orleans to a national audience every day for an hour in daytime in the process."

While in town, "The Talk" received complaints for putting a sign promoting the show on a statue of Andrew Jackson. It later removed the sign.