Buffalo Sabres

Huffington Post Senior Editor Craig Kanalley will become the Buffalo Sabres' social media manager, the team announced Monday. "They've been my favorite sports team since I was a kid, and I'm excited about the opportunity to get back home to family and friends in Buffalo," Kanalley told Poynter in an email, noting that he was named after Sabres legend Craig Ramsay.

I asked Kanalley, who has also worked as a social media editor at NBC News, whether it was tough to leave journalism. The "lines are blurring between journalism and marketing," he replied, continuing:

Many sports teams produce content for their websites now, they live tweet events, they conduct interviews, and so on. So I guess in my mind, I don't even feel like I'm leaving journalism completely, rather I'll have a different outlet for storytelling. And certainly for diehard fans, sports news is news in itself.

Kanalley's last day at HuffPost is June 28 and he starts July 1 in Buffalo.