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A combined School of Communication, Media, and Journalism would acknowledge that "compartmentalized, traditional disciplines are no longer best in all cases for preparing students to participate meaningfully in our contemporary world," says a proposal before Indiana University Bloomington's provost, Lauren K. Robel.

Bloomington Herald-Times reporter Mike Leonard writes that the new school would "initially consist of five departments including journalism, telecommunications, emergent media arts, cinema and media studies, and communication and public culture." (Leonard's story is behind a tight paywall; IU professor Owen V. Johnson posted the text on Facebook.)

The journalism school is currently outside the school's College of Arts and Sciences. IU professor Mike Conway was part of the committee that wrote the proposal and says the combined school would add, not subtract jobs: "If anything we've been told that we would be hiring, that we'd be bringing new people into this because of the excitement and the areas that we want to go to."

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