Instagram for Business

News organizations can use Instagram's new video feature to break news, crowdsource and lift the curtain on their operations, the company writes in a blog post.

Since Instagram announced the addition of video to its photo-sharing app last week, and perhaps in response to complaints about users not immediately mastering the form, it has posted some tips for making good videos, e.g., "remember to avoid direct sunlight if you are shooting outdoors."

News organizations can surface their videos by tagging them with hashtags -- the post lists #cnnireport and #fallon15 as examples, but today, for example, a video tagged #SCOTUS might have swum into some previously uncharted streams.

And there's always curtain-lifting, as CNN did with this insta-tour of one of its control rooms. Last month Meaghan Anselm of KSDK-TV in St. Louis shared some of the ways her newsroom uses Vine, an obvious competitor to Instagram's video product.