The Wall Street Journal

Walt Mossberg published his final column for The Wall Street Journal today, recapping the 22 years he has been at the newspaper with a list of major technology products that changed the digital world.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know AllThingsD editors Mossberg and Kara Swisher are leaving News Corp at the end of the year, bringing the AllThingsD staff to a new venture in partnership with NBCUniversal.

(Another sign you've likely been living under a rock: if you can't predict nearly all of Mossberg's 12 most influential personal-tech products from the last two decades.)

At the end of his column, Mossberg thanks his editors and readers:

As I sign off from this column, I want to thank The Wall Street Journal for giving me the freedom to write these reviews all these years. And I especially owe great thanks to the readers who have followed my work. I am not retiring—I will still be doing reviews on a new online site. And the Journal will continue to offer tech reviews, penned by talented successors, which will continue to guide readers as consumer technology evolves.