Council for Research Excellence

Mobile devices account for just 2 percent of all TV viewing, according to a new study by the Council for Research Excellence. But among a group the study calls "early adopters" and "opinion leaders," that figure is 7 percent, and those folks use mobile devices for about a quarter of their broadcast/cable site viewing.

Perhaps the most interesting finding in CRE's study, which involved about 6,000 participants, is that most mobile viewing occurs at home. 82 percent of tablet views and 64 percent of smartphone views take place in locations known for immobile devices like TVs, desktop computers and couches. Why? Among the reasons, "Too lazy to get up and turn on TV set."

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Only 5 percent of the power users CRE surveyed said avoiding ads was their top reason for watching TV on their devices. 49 percent said viewing content that way was just more convenient.

Screen size influenced viewers' activities while running two screens at once: 39 percent said they used their smartphones for related and unrelated activity; only 21 percent said the same about their TVs.

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