Who are the most likely candidates to take the Times' recent buyout offer?

As the January 24 deadline approaches, only two people, assistant managing editor Jonathan Landman and reporter Jacques Steinberg, have formally announced their exits. But there are said to be ongoing and heated negotiations — “begging and pleading,” says one source — with several top editors as Abramson prepares to shrink the very top of the masthead. ...

The newsroom is rife with speculation about the fates of such top-level Times figures as managing editor John Geddes (who is widely believed to be negotiating an exit), former Washington editor Rick Berke, former Times Magazine editor Gerry Marzorati, assistant managing editor, Jim Roberts, and dining editor Susan Edgerly.

Times sources say the paper’s senior ranks have long been bloated, with assistant managing editors retaining high salaries even after their editorial portfolios have shrunk.

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