Congratulations to Raju Narisetti, the Wall Street Journal digital muckety-muck who's just been named senior vice president and deputy head of strategy for the New News Corporation.

Wait, the what?

In an email to Poynter, New News Corp SVP/Deputy Head of Communications Ashley Huston explains that the new name, which the company used in an SEC filing in December, will vanish after News Corp's split into two companies: "it's just to differentiate it until the split," she writes. Then it will be News Corporation, and the other company will reportedly be named Fox Group. Indeed, the company's been using the New News Corporation name in press releases since at least the beginning of February.

That's too bad: In choosing this double-barreled name, the New News Corporation strikes a blow for precision and clarity rarely witnessed in corporate rebrandings -- just look at the International New York Times, or the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, which really should have been named the Walter E. Washington Washington Convention Center.

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