NPR is launching an ad campaign in four cities. Ads on billboards, trains, in print and online in Dallas, Indianapolis, San Diego and Orlando tell people that NPR stations will meet them at the intersections of their interests -- no matter how offbeat those nexuses may seem.

A billboard in Dallas
A billboard in Orlando.

This is NPR's first-ever such effort, a press release says. Funded by a $750,000 grant from the Ford Foundation, the billboards will direct people to a website in which they can choose from a selection of interests that describe them, then see what shows they might find appealing. (This blogger, for instance, is an "air-drumming biker" for whom "Car Talk" and "Latino USA" might be good fits.)

Last month Chicago-area public radio station WBEZ launched a tongue-in-cheek ad campaign encouraging listeners to make more babies who will grow up to listen to public radio.