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"I was thinking more along the lines of an enduring feature photograph, rather than your typical news shot," AFP photographer Olivier Morin writes about his -- sorry -- striking picture of Usain Bolt crushing his closest competitor in the 100-meter final in Moscow Sunday.

Photo by Olivier Morin/AFP

"I admit, with only a thumbnail view at first, I didn’t even see the lightning in the background, but after a moment I saw four photos with the bolt in the sky," Morin writes in a blog post.

Two of these weren’t usable because the cloud was too dark and the lightning was hard to see. But with the other two images, thanks to a little luck, the lightning is nice and visible; I’d gotten “the” shot. ...

In my 25 years as a photographer I’ve never had an uncontrollable external element make a photo like this, and I imagine if I tried again for a similar result for the next 50 years, it wouldn’t happen again. So, I only really give myself credit for one percent of this picture!

"The picture has instantly become one of the great iconic sports images," a Yahoo blog post reads.