Service hedgehogs (The New York Times):

An earlier version of this post stated incorrectly that a service hedgehog would be allowed in a store that sells food in New York. Dogs are the only species of service animal allowed in food establishments, according to the city health department. (Hedgehogs are sometimes used as therapy animals.)

Killer cats (NPR):

Earlier versions of this story incorrectly said that previous studies indicated cats kill about 500,000 birds a year. The correct number is 500 million.

Canine cancer (The New York Times):

An article on Tuesday about an effort to save Tasmanian devils from an epidemic of cancer referred incorrectly to a contagious cancer in dogs. Canine transmissible venereal tumor can be malignant, it is not benign. (But unlike the Tasmanian devil cancer, it is not causing a lethal epidemic in dogs.)

Elephant polo (The Guardian):

There were never any plans for an elephant polo tournament at the birthday celebrations and Ms [Naomi] Campbell had neither organised nor requested the organisation of any such tournament.