Women's Media Center

The Women’s Media Center announced the release of its 2013 Status of Women in the U.S. Media report Friday; it finds that the news media "remains staggeringly limited to a single demographic."

Pure online sites, the report says, "have fallen into the same rut as legacy media. Male bylines outnumbered female bylines at four of six sites reviewed."

Men's bylines outnumbered women's by a "nearly 3 to 1 margin' in presidential-campaign coverage, the study found, and "Men were also far more likely to be quoted than women in newspapers, television and public radio." Obituaries of men "far outnumber those of women in top national and regional newspapers," the report also says.

There is some good news: "The percentage of women who are television news directors edged up, reaching 30 percent for the first time." However, as the report notes, women make up 51 percent of the country.

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