Working with writers can be tough: from thinking of creative story ideas that haven’t been covered or written 10 times yet, to justifying a decision about running a particular photograph or identifying a source. Brainstorming with a diverse group of people can save coverage from trite ledes and overused conventions, and talking with reporters about ethical decisions can defuse drama in the newsroom.

Earlier this week, The Poynter Institute held its spring 2013 Editors’ Boot Camp (you can re-watch the sessions here). We sat down with two of the guest faculty members -- Tom Huang of the Dallas Morning News and Sandy Banisky of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland -- to talk briefly about two important newsroom issues: brainstorming and ethics. Here’s what they had to say:

Huang emphasized the importance of having a diverse group of people at brainstorming sessions:

Tom Huang on diversity in brainstorming from Poynter Institute on Vimeo.

Banisky spoke on when it’s appropriate to involve writers in ethical decisions:

Sandy Banisky on Ethics from Poynter Institute on Vimeo.