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Irish music site Golden Plec wasn't allowed to send a photographer to a concert by the band the Killers, so photographer Debbie Hickey re-created the show in Lego. "If I can’t shoot them, I’ll build them," photographer Debbie Hickey wrote on her blog. "Never let it be said that GoldenPlec doesn’t get the shot."

Courtesy Debbie Hickey

Other photographers say they've been forbidden to photograph Killers shows, a policy Hickey calls "ridiculous." (I wrote a couple years ago about music artists who arguably do worse: Demand copyright from photographers.)

Just blue-skying here, but Hickey's approach could be a great help to websites that can't or don't seek permission to use images. BuzzFeed's sponsored-content problem would disappear overnight. It'd work well for Poynter, too. Here's a Lego figure I made to represent BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti:

If anyone wants to use it, that's fine, please just credit me.