San Francisco Chronicle

A KGO-TV crew and its security guard were robbed in Oakland, Calif., Friday night, Henry K. Lee reports.

The crew and security guard were on the 2700 block of Chestnut Street when they were robbed shortly after 2:30 p.m. Friday by three men, at least one of whom had a gun, police said.

The thieves made off with camera equipment but no one was injured, Lee writes.

In May, thieves busted into a KGO news crew's van and their security guard's car. (Reporter Nick Smith "began chasing the thieves, who jumped into a green Jaguar," Lee wrote at the time.) Last November a KPIX photographer was punched and had his camera stolen during a live shot.

And over six weeks last summer, there were at least six incidents where members of the media got robbed in Oakland.

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