Penn Live

While reporting on "State Patty's Day" in State College, Pa., Sunday, Penn Live reporter Anna Orso saw Penn State quarterback Michael O'Connor stumble and then disparage the school's new football coach James Franklin.



One player apparently demanded Orso delete the tweet and called her three times, Donald Gilliland reports. He and O'Connor both tweeted at Orso, then deleted their tweets. Someone tried to get into her account. Then fans began piling on: Some evinced a basic misunderstanding of what it means to be out in public ("Invasion of privacy here," "I am surprised they can take off the record quotes and tweet them as quotes"), but other tweets were a lot less easy to dismiss:




A Penn State spokesperson says the school is "looking into the matter," Gilliland reports.

Correction: This post originally said Orso was reporting on a St. Patrick's Day event. She was in fact reporting on "State Patty's Day," the region's annual "'rootinest, tootinest, shootinest' binge-drinking extravaganza."