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In a memo to BuzzFeed staffers, CEO Jonah Peretti says the publication plans to expand to more cities:

Fortunately for BuzzFeed, times have changed; we can attract the best talent to our team regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion, and we can recruit beyond just New York in a growing list of global cities where we have expanded: Los Angeles, Washington, San Francisco, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Paris, and soon Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai, Mexico City, and many more.

A BuzzFeed spokesperson said there was no set date for offices in those other cities to come online but that it's definitely happening.

As it happens, Peretti discussed how BuzzFeed might land in Germany in an interview with Niklas Wirminghaus, also published Tuesday.

We’d do it on our own, and fairly modest. That’s what we learned when we opened our London office – you should start with three or four people and then let them really invent what Buzzfeed should be for their audience. In Britain, it took a few months of them trying new things before they got a sense which things worked well for the British audience. Today we are one of the biggest sites in the UK now. It worked well. We are going to take a similar approach here, starting with a small number of people who we’ll let experiment. They would need to be very entrepreneurial and build something that has a lot of their own vision in it, not just carry out what is predefined in New York.