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A KOMO-TV news helicopter has crashed in Seattle, next to the Space Needle. Two people were dead on the scene, the Seattle Fire Department says on Twitter. In a broadcast, KING-TV reported it was "two of our colleagues at KOMO” who went down in the crash.

The helicopter was used in a partnership between KING and KOMO. Nick Provenza reports in The Seattle Times that the helicopter was trying to land and "dropped onto at least three cars."

KOMO anchor Kelly Koopmans wrote on Twitter that people at the station heard the crash "right outside our newsroom." She also tweeted that the flames are now out and that a witness said one person was on fire getting out of a car. Medics took one 37-year-old man to the hospital, the SFD said on Twitter. The Seattle Police Department says the investigation "will continue for many hours."

Here's KING-TV's livestream.

And some pictures, via people on Twitter:

In 2008 the National Transportation Safety Board issued a report on a 2007 collision between two news helicopter in Phoenix.