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The deep cold affecting much of the country hasn't slowed down newspaper carrier heroism:

Kansas City Star carrier Jeff Stockwell heard what sounded like "the wail of a cat desperate to get inside" while delivering papers early Monday, Tony Rizzo reports. He found former Shawnee, Kan., Mayor Tony Soetaert, who'd fallen while taking out the trash and had been stuck for nearly an hour.

Stockwell, who called 911, "clearly made a difference in this gentleman’s outcome,” a spokesperson for the county's emergency medical services department told Rizzo. "I don't know whether or not I would have made it if he had not been there to wait on me," Soetaert told KCTV.

On New Year's Day, Kenosha (Wis.) News carrier Ralph Sustaita found a woman lying in the snow while he did his rounds. Sustaita heard her saying "help, help," he told Deneen Smith.

“I’ve got this heavy duty Packers jacket, and I immediately took it off and wrapped it around her. I took my hat off my head and put both her hands in it,” Sustaita said.

Sustaita models the jacket in a photo accompanying the Kenosha News' account of his rescue. “He saved her life, we’re lucky,” her son told Smith.