Dayton Daily News

On Sunday at 6 a.m., a man stole an "entire stack of Dayton Daily News that had just been delivered" to a service station, the Dayton Daily News reports. The suspect "was riding a bicycle and carried the newspapers in his hand."

I have no sense of the intensity with which the Dayton Police Department is approaching this investigation, but they could take a tip or ten from the Dallas Morning News, which is perhaps a newspaper thief's biggest nightmare.

In January, Marina Trahan Martinez published security video of someone appearing to steal David Miller's copy of the Morning News. He'd lost 38 papers to the scoundrel, he told Trahan Martinez: “I now sleep with my cell phone beside me as it chimes when the motion detector is triggered.”

Less than a week later, DeSoto, Texas, police made an arrest, charging 58-year-old Gilbert Ray Sanders with "two counts of theft less than $50," among other charges, in connection with the matter. Trahan Martinez posted another video from Miller's cameras, this one of a DeSoto police officer delivering his paper.

Last May, a Dallas Morning News rep included a warning in Leslie Minora's newspaper after she complained about someone nicking her paper for weeks:


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