Ever read a great story in print but find it cumbersome to locate the Web version on your smartphone to share it?

A new UK-based app called Peekster could help you get back to your reading a little more quickly. The app, highlighted by Springwise, allows users to quickly find online articles by scanning the text of physical articles.

It is limited to UK papers currently but Peekster says it will quickly add U.S. titles to its list.

Peekster - Your Best friend while reading printed media from Peekster on Vimeo.

Peekster supports major UK newspapers, including The Guardian, The Times and The Independent. In March, TechCrunch profiled the "Shazam for print" app:

"The ultimate aim of Peekster’s makers is to build an online marketplace for individual articles — allowing readers to cherry-pick and pay for articles from a range of publications, rather than just buying a single offline (or online) publication."