The New York Times

Farhad Manjoo, the former Slate tech columnist who joined the Wall Street Journal in September as Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher were planning to take the AllThingsD crew elsewhere, will join the New York Times. He replaces David Pogue, now at Yahoo.

Manjoo took to LinkedIn to explain the departure despite the fact that his "new job at the WSJ and the colleagues I’d found myself working with were pretty much perfect."

Indeed, even after I got the NYT offer, I agonized about what to do. Yes, this is sort of like the agony of choosing between two very delicious pieces of cake, but still. I was on the fence about this, and though I’m thrilled beyond words about the NYT, I really hope those guys at the WSJ know that I bear them no ill will.

I’d wish them the best of luck, but they don’t need it.

Now we wait and see how long he'll keep his WSJ hedcut as his profile photo on Twitter. That's one perk the NYT can't match.

Manjoo says he'll start at the Times in February.