Thieves stole KTVU reporter Heather Holmes' purse from a TV truck in Oakland, California, Monday. KTVU's van was parked near Oakland police HQ, but that's not the only irony: "The subject of her live report?" Henry K. Lee reports. "A violent daylight robbery of a woman in North Oakland."

The van was unlocked "because the crew had only recently arrived at the corner, and the vehicle was only steps away," Lee writes. KTVU is no stranger to property crime in the area: One of its vans got broken into in March while it was parked in Oakland.

This incident is but one note in a symphony of sadness that Lee has assiduously transcribed. Muggers took two cameras from Bay Area News Group photographer D. Ross Cameron in February. A KGO-TV crew was robbed in August 2013 while they were with a security guard.

Last May thieves hit another KGO van, and broke into their security guard's car. Even more incredibly, five men assaulted a KPIX photographer and stole his camera during a live shot in 2012.