Users of Twitter's iOS app can start sharing up to four images per tweet, Twitter announced today. And in a potentially useful character-saving move, users can tag up to 10 people in images.

The function will roll out to Android apps and soon.


Twitter said in its blog earlier this month that tweets with photos see an average bump of 35 percent more retweets for verified users. I wouldn't expect tweets with four images to get a huge boost beyond that, but in rare circumstances news organizations might find this to be a useful way to share photo galleries.

In very rare circumstances. Otherwise, Tweetdeck users would do well to disable image previews altogether:

(The four images are arranged more nicely in a compact grid when previewed in timelines at or in Twitter's mobile apps.)

Among other recent "Twitter is turning into Facebook!!" developments: the company added inline images in October; started testing a visual redesign of profile pages in February; and hinted earlier this month at hiding "scaffolding" like at-replies in a play to streamline conversations.