The Wall Street Journal

First he took on people who misuse language in "Word Crimes." Now, "Weird Al" Yankovic wants to draw attention to how businesspeople abuse the English language.

“Mission Statement" is the final video in Yankovic's "#8videos8days" project, and he chose The Wall Street Journal for its premiere.

“I wanted to do a song about all the ridiculous double-speak and meaningless buzzwords that I’ve been hearing in office environments my entire life,” Yankovic told Eric R. Danton.

The song, set to Crosby, Stills & Nash's Suite: "Judy Blue Eyes," pays particular homage to the word "synergy." That's appropriate, because Poynter's attempt to leverage its brand with regard to this video was thwarted by an apparent "Weird Al"/WSJ synergy: The video proved impossible to embed. Our thought leadership in the Yankovic-space remains undaunted, and if we're able adapt our model and pivot to a full embed we'll shoot you an email.

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