Clinton. (AP photo)
Clinton. (AP photo)

Political scribes, take note: The Associated Press has an updated style entry for the foremost Democratic presidential contender:

Effective immediately, the AP is changing its style from Hillary Rodham Clinton to Hillary Clinton.
The AP generally refers to people by the name they prefer. Until recently, the presidential candidate, former senator and secretary of state used all three names. It was how she had been known for many years. It was the name she used as an author and how she signed legal documents (“H R Clinton”) as late as this summer.

When asked by The Associated Press recently, Clinton's camp indicated that the candidate preferred the more concise version of her name, according to the newswire:

However, the campaign has branded itself from the start as Hillary Clinton. When asked, the campaign says to go with Hillary Clinton. She is filing for ballots as Hillary Clinton and signing her name that way.