The NewsGuild-CWA criticized Maine's Gov. Paul LePage on Friday after "he joked that he would 'like to shoot' a Maine political cartoonist," the Guild said in a press release. LePage made the comment about Bangor Daily News cartoonist George Danby.

The NewsGuild-CWA and our Maine local are sickened and appalled that any public official would make such a “joke” in any context. To do so at a time when the nation is mourning a mass shooting, and in a year that began with the murder of cartoonists and other journalists at the satirical “Charlie Hebdo” shows the worst possible judgment.

We call on Gov. LePage to make a swift and sincere apology to Mr. Danby and his son. Further, he owes an apology to all journalists for suggesting that violence is the solution to unfavorable news converage. Lastly, he should apologize to his state for once again embarrassing Maine on a national stage.

According to The Huffington Post, Gov. LaPage made the comments on Wednesday.

LePage made his comments about cartoonist George Danby on Wednesday in front of a group of teenagers attending Dirigo Boys State, a youth leadership program held in Waterville, Maine. Danby's son, Nick, was in attendance and asked the governor a question.

According to Danby, LePage was skeptical of the question and asked Nick where he received his information. Nick said he reads newspapers, and the governor responded that he shouldn't trust what newspapers say. Nick eventually asked what LePage thought of the Bangor Daily News' cartoonist, at which point LePage made his joke, Danby said.

On Thursday, the Bangor Daily News' Dan MacLeod wrote "9 times George Danby was funnier than Paul LePage."

Here's a cartoon Danby tweeted on Friday: