Mashable has tapped former Vocativ Editor-in-Chief Jessica Coen as its executive editor.

Coen, who joined Vocativ as its top editor in October 2015, left Vocativ late last month along with deputy editor Erin Gloria Ryan.

At Mashable, Coen will be responsible for leading "Mashable’s global editorial team, leading its smart and obsessive coverage of culture, entertainment, technology, science and business," according to a press release.

In April, Mashable announced a reorganization that saw the departure of Editor-in-Chief Jim Roberts. He was replaced atop Mashable's masthead by Greg Gittrich, who, like Coen, is also a Vocativ alum.

Correction: A previous version of this story said Gittrich "placed" Roberts atop Mashable's masthead. In fact, he "replaced" him.