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One of the nation’s most popular media industry blogs, Poynter.org has an audience of nearly 500,000 unique visitors each week. Poynter’s editorial team covers media news especially for journalists and media professionals, covering breaking news, media innovation, global fact checking, an in-depth analysis of the media business, career moves and more. Poynter faculty also contributes stories on thought leadership, journalism training and perspectives on current events.

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Available targeting: by channel; topic; geography; frequency caps.

Native and Content Sponsorship – COMING SOON!

Sponsored by: Poynter accepts funding to support editorial content that we are already producing and the sponsorship gives us an opportunity to dive in more in-depth fashion into the content as well as for new projects. This arrangement may take place once a senior editor has been consulted about suitability and a final decision is made. Sponsors may offer suggestions, but the content is written and edited by Poynter newsroom staff and the content will conform to the same standards in all of our journalism. Sponsors will not see copy and will not be part of an approval process.

Paid content brought to you by: This term is given in the case when an advertiser pays to publish content on poynter.org. Content can include an article, photographs and/or video. This content is paid for, produced and controlled by the advertiser and is not written or edited by Poynter newsroom staff. This content should factual, accurate and of interest to Poynter’s digital audience.

Supported by: This is editorially independent content that Poynter has produced with funding from foundations that support specific projects or initiatives.

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    *Subscribers are those whom have participated in Poynter journalism training, either in person or online, in the past 24 months.

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Poynter’s e-learning platform, News University’s site offers a highly niche audience of professional journalists, students and educators pursuing continuing distance education through online learning.

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For detailed information, including rates and availability, or to have a custom media plan developed, please email advertising@poynter.org or call (727) 553-4343.