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For the last several months, we’ve invited you to share your input on the new Poynter.org. We listened, and are just about ready to launch our new website.

This site is built around two areas of focus: latest news and how to’s.

For more than a decade you have counted on Jim Romenesko to tell you what’s happening in newsrooms. He continues to do that. You also want news about emerging organizations and platforms that affect journalism’s future — our new Mobile Media and Social Media blogs do that, along with partner feeds from some of the best websites covering news. And you can always count on us to cover the business and help you make sense of news and how it spreads.

Poynter has been a source of training for 35 years, and now it will be easier to access quick tips in enduring and emerging areas: reporting, writing, engaging communities, developing business ideas, leading teams, and developing digital strategies.

We’ve also created a more robust and seamless experience between Poynter’s digital offerings — our e-learning website, News University, and information about us: our training, events and other activities.

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  • http://www.ktvz.com Barney Lerten

    At the risk of being a complete bore, I must apologize at least somewhat and acknowledge I now see that my 19-inch monitor shows the “gray” type as darker – still not fully black, but darker – at the TOP of the screen than when I scroll it to the bottom. Confirmed by my wife. Sorry. (Regular black type doesn’t show that top-to-bottom variance.) Plus I need to say there’s lots about the new layout I do like. When all the articles are on the new layout and comments are possible on them, I’m sure it’ll be a grand improvement. Have a good weekend all.

  • http://www.ktvz.com Barney Lerten

    ACK! Your articles THEMSELVES are gray on white!
    Who started this freakin’ trend and how do we nip it in the bud (to quote Barney Fife)?
    Funny, the comment TEXT ENTRY BOX is black type, but it POSTS in the same foggy gray as the articles.
    If it’s not too late to make the type black before launch I HIGHLY recommend it for readability purposes. Honestly, sometimes I think designers get so caught up in how groovy things look that they don’t think simple, basic functionality and readability – that or it gets lost in the shuffle, or loses the argument. That’s really too bad, and is definitely the kind of thing I’d love to discuss with people at a centralized journalism forum – something NO ONE provides that Poynter COULD;-)

  • http://www.ktvz.com Barney Lerten

    OK, first PS, a personal crusade of mine – gray on white type is HARD TO READ. Why sites default to that in comments is beyond me. I squint. I’m old I suppose. Black on white is the way to go! Want more comments? I highly suggest that move. The typeface size is OK, but gray on white, bleh;-)

  • http://www.ktvz.com Barney Lerten

    Hey, if it’ll just keep me logged in – the current site never did – I’ll be happier. Oh, and BTW, one issue with Disqus, which we use on our Website (www.ktvz.com) and I love, 99 pct. – I find it pretty much impossible to log into my Disqus profile using Internet Explorer/Windows 7 at home – happens on MANY sites – and of course, at home but not work – they have promised fixes, never came through – in Firefox it logs me in fine everywhere. (I can always log in via Facebook of course, but…) – nice cleaner look BTW, tips and assistance is the best thing, will look around and report further – I felt the old discussion system was a bit cumbersome and prefer true forums, but I rarely win that argument any more (even built a local social network into our Website using SocialGO – hopefully IB’s partnering with CoreMedia will bring Facebook-style integrated social media in 2011! A slideshow of local photos without comments built in is SO pre-Facebook;-)