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  • Poynter

    Hi, Susan. I think you’re recalling the National Writers Workshop. Those have dwindled over the last few years, and I believe the only one we still participate in is at Poynter once or twice a year (depending on the year). You can see a complete list of our training here:
    Hope that helps,
    Julie Moos, Director of Poynter Online

  • Susan Davis

    Once upon a time the Hartford Courant hosted a Poynter conference in CT. in April. Does that still happen?

  • Anonymous

    Brady - does not require a login any longer, so I believe the link you found on the “about page” is probably one that was missed and needs to be removed.

    I do see that our street address is not listed above in the “contact us” info – but it is listed in the footer of most pages. We will look to add that above as well.


  • Brady Teufel

    Pretty frustrated with the functionality of the Poynter website: no login link on home page (but there’s one on the About page?) and no street address that I can find. Too much text and not enough logic!