Aileen Gallagher


University sanctions journalism student for ‘disruptive’ interview request

Alex Myers, an undergraduate journalism student at the State University of New York at Oswego, isn’t so sure he wants to be a reporter when he graduates.

The Australian exchange student experienced the potential chilling effect of a university administration on young journalists last month after he erred in the course of reporting a profile for class.

Myers, who until recently interned at Oswego’s Office of Public Affairs, wrote interview questions to sources for a class assignment, a profile about hockey coach Ed Gosek. In the e-mail, released with several other documents by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Myers identified himself this way: “My name is Alex Myers, I work for the Office of Public Affairs at SUNY Oswego.”

Myers didn’t refer to himself as a student, nor did he clarify that the profile was for a class assignment. “Be as forthcoming as you like,” he concluded. “What you say about Mr. Read more