Afi-Odelia Scruggs



In defense of journalism education: The 3 essentials it teaches

As fall semester 2012 moves toward mid-term, journalism education is gathering its defenses against assaults on its relevance.

Emory College announced last month that it is closing its program because journalism falls outside the school’s emphasis on liberal education, according to Arts & Sciences College Dean Robin Forman.

“It’s not our job, as a liberal arts college, to simply train people to be professional journalists — in the same way it’s not our job to train people to be professional doctors or lawyers or businesspeople,” Forman told a reporter from Creative Loafing.

He’s not an outlier. Bill Cotterell, a retired political reporter from Florida went even further. He compared journalism education to driver’s education, where the real learning comes from “trial and error.”

“Anyone who’s smart can learn the 5 Ws in a couple weeks. Read more