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From the newsroom to the classroom: Why I left my job as a journalist to get a Ph.D

In less than a month, after a 14-year career as a full-time reporter and nearly three years as a journalism lecturer, I will be a student again.

I never planned on moving from the newsroom to the classroom. I fell in love with newspapers in high school, where I became an avid contributor to my student paper. Starting in college, I interned at The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune and The San Francisco Chronicle, then worked at The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and The Deal.

I loved daily deadlines, became a print junkie (I still prefer buying newspapers and magazines to getting new digitally), and believed that journalism was a profession that let you make a difference in the world. In 2003 I went for my masters’ degree in journalism at Columbia, graduated and then immediately returned to the newsroom.

So why am I now about to start earning a doctorate, leaving behind work life for student life? Read more

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Journalism students from Hong Kong view profession differently after U.S. visit

For two weeks I played host to six college students, all journalism majors, as we flew from Hong Kong to Washington, D.C., to cover the U.S. Presidential Elections. I packed the agenda with numerous newsroom visits to show them what journalism in the U.S. was all about. We were going to meet and greet senior news executives, I told them. Their job was to interview them and write up short reports. “This is a work trip,” I reminded them.

Little did I realize that the visits would ignite a passion and perspective in these young people and re-ignite my passion for the profession.

“That’s the executive editor, next to him the managing editor, next to him the deputy,” said our tour guide going down the newsroom hierarchy as we stood inside The Washington Post. The students looked wide eyed and the excitement only heightened when the tour guide showed us the Pulitzer Prize medals and the front cover headlined, “Nixon Resigns.” (Photo courtesy Hong Kong Shue Yan University)

A female student later shared with me her feelings about our visit. Read more


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