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4 steps in the writing process of David Maraniss

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author and Journalist David Maraniss talked about the four pillars of his writing process at the Poynter Institute 40th Anniversary Speaker Series. (Photo by Tom Cawthon)David Maraniss views his writing process as a four-legged table. The Pulitzer-Prize winning Washington Post journalist shared his process Wednesday night as part of The Poynter Institute’s 40th Anniversary Speaker Series. It’s … Read More

Andy Borowitz on satire, politics and why he's really not jaded

Andy Borowitz on Wednesday night at The Poynter Institute. (Photo by Tom Cawthon/Poynter) Andy Borowitz wants people to know he’s not a jaded person. Really, he’s not. Nor is he mean. Not when he’s writing about George W. Bush’s inability to make nouns and verbs agree, or the voices in Ben Carson’s head, or Sarah Palin’s failure to name … Read More

Newspaper reporter is 'worst job' in 2013, study says

Newspaper reporters can add to the list of sources telling them to flee journalism. The group took 200 jobs and ranked them in order from most to least desirable, based on factors such as environment, income, outcome and stress. Add all that together and newspaper reporter rings in at a dismal 200 out of 200 – the worst job on CareerCast's list, below lumberjack, janitor, garbage collector and bus driver. “We look at a wide range of criteria, as analytical as we can be,” said Tony Lee, CareerCast’s publisher. “There are some subjective pieces but, frankly, it’s really driven by the data.” The data come from sources such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and trade associations. Read More

Newark’s Star-Ledger stays close to readers during Hurricane Sandy

As people across the East Coast hunker down in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, New Jersey's Newark-based Star-Ledger is focused on staying close to its audience and providing around-the-clock information through the next few days. “Readers want to have a direct line to us,” Editor Kevin Whitmer says. “And on something like this, having been through Irene last year, we’re in a little bit better position to learn from what we did there, what worked, what we need to do a little bit better.” When Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast last August, it turned into a week and a half of non-stop reporting for The Star-Ledger staff. One big lesson from that was learning how best to deploy people and making sure the staff manages to still get rest, Whitmer says by phone Sunday night after putting the print edition of the paper to bed. Read More

Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney for president, becoming 6th major paper to flip from Obama in '08

The Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney Saturday night for the presidency. Breaking from 40 years of Democratic endorsements, the Register cited the economy, job creation and an ability to work across party lines as reasons for their support of Romney. "The former governor and business executive has a strong record of achievement in both the private and the public sectors," the paper wrote in its endorsement. "He was an accomplished governor in a liberal state. He founded and ran a successful business that turned around failing companies." The endorsement breaks the pre-existing tie in endorsements from major papers in Swing States. The Register joins five other papers -- including the Orlando Sentinel and South Florida Sun Sentinel -- to flip its support from Obama in 2008 to Romney in 2012, giving the GOP nominee the lead in Swing State newspaper endorsements. "Our support for Republican Mitt Romney may surprise, it may anger, it may please," the Register's Editorial Board acknowledges. "Opinions expressed by this board in no way affect news coverage, except to the extent than an endorsement itself becomes news." The New York Times underscored its editorial independence as well Saturday when it announced its endorsement of Obama, citing the economy, health care and women's issues as key reasons behind its decision. The Times also backed Obama in 2008. Read More