Charles Ledford



Why The Times-Picayune should invest in kiosks for New Orleans

Since nobody hauling in seven figures annually knows what to do with the newspaper business in the post-modern era, especially in communities like New Orleans, I’ll throw out an idea that Rich Beckman and I came up with over dinner a couple of years ago.

Granted, we had imbibed a bit of the grape before embarking upon the serious discussion of my master’s thesis and how I would share the short films I’d shot in Miami’s Overtown community with the people there. But looking back today through the continuing and spectacular unraveling (can you say “Journatic”?) of that-which-once-made-newspapers-great, the method we devised for disseminating multimedia content within one of the least-wired ZIP codes in America now seems like a not-so-outlandish notion. Besides that, it actually worked on a very small scale. Read more

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