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Jules Crittenden is a Boston Herald reporter, currently embedded with the Army's 3rd Infantry Division.

Embedded Journal: A Minor Case, A Major Disease

Jules Crittenden, 43, is a Boston Herald reporter who was embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division last March and April in Iraq and was assigned to Kuwait prior to the war. Crittenden has also reported on ethnic conflict and other issues in India, Pakistan, Kosovo, Israel, the Palestinian areas, Armenia, and Nagorno Karabagh. It's World Tuberculosis Day. Read More

Embedded Journal: Leaving Iraq

Crittenden left Baghdad Monday for Kuwait City and the ride home. Just before leaving Iraq, he filed this report. A couple of weeks back, when we had returned to the safety of the Najaf desert after the raid on the Euphrates bridgehead, my wife told me over the satphone the people back home were wondering if I'd ever be the same … Read More

Embedded Journal: 'I Went Over to the Dark Side'

(Editor's note: This column catches us up on Jules Crittenden's last several days, after he was re-united with his laptop computer and again able to file these reports for, I may get to bathe for the first time in over three weeks, not counting several wipe downs. It would be nice, but doesn’t matter much at this point. You’d … Read More

Embedded Journal: Lost Laptop... Kelly's Death... POW Impressions... Scary Thoughts

April 10, 2003(Editor's note: We heard from Jules today, after several days of no communication. He reports that the Bradley fighting vehicle he was traveling in had a seized transmission, so he had to transfer quickly to another to keep up with the push to Baghdad by the army unit he's traveling with -- leaving so fast that he didn't have … Read More

Embedded Journal: Avoiding Civilian Casualties & Other Notes to Colleagues

March 25, 2003One of the great joys of life and journalism is that every day brings a new experience. Today, it is typing and transmitting from the turret of a Bradley, my head next to the breech of the 25 mm cannon. They asked me not to touch anything, which is harder than it might sound. This is like building a ship … Read More

Embedded Journal: Building Trust With Soldiers, Readers

My first night out in the desert with the Joes, the soldier bunking next to me stumbled in, bleeding from his forehead, sat on his cot and began vomiting.  There was a strong reek of what smelled like medicinal alcohol. My immediate thought was that he might be in danger of serious injury or death. Another soldier and I helped … Read More

Embedded Journal: The Rhythm of the Day

As a media embed, my own schedule is not so different from the one described in the story below. I hang out with the Joes as they go through different aspects of their regime. During the morning work hours, however, you'll usually find me at my “office” over in that part of this endless sandlot that is presently refered to as the motor … Read More

Embedded Journal: From the Desert

From the Kuwait Hilton to the field, Jules Crittenden describes the embedded experience, including how the military hopes to create a new way of doing business with the media. Read More

Embedded Journal: What We're Wearing & Carrying

As our preparations entered their final stages, I've become increasingly detached from the normal world mentally and in appearance. I am running and working out every day, the better to be able to wear 50 pounds of body armor all day and still run like a rabbit if I need to. The hair is gone, due to the dearth of bathing opportunities … Read More

Embedded Journal: Why We Write

It's strangely quiet in Kuwait City today. A beautiful sunny day after the duststorms and rain of the last few days. There's a power outage down at the Mubarakiya Souk, so it was even quieter than usual there during the national four-hour midafternoon nap… not even the Indians were working.      As you read this, we're probably already headed into the desert … Read More