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Dan Archer creates non-fictional, journalistic comics to offer a new perspective on US foreign and domestic policy and give voice to stories that wouldn’t otherwise be heard. His journalistic pieces have been published by the Huffington Post, Alternet, The Guardian UK, Presente, Operamundi (Brazil), Expressbuzz (India) and Independent World Report. He was recently awarded the John S. Knight Fellowship for Professional Journalists at Stanford University, where he designed interactive multimedia comics to tell new stories - one example being the Nisoor Square shootings of 2007. He has authored several non-fiction works that include The Honduran Coup: A Graphic History, What a Whopper, and Borderland: Seven Stories as Told by Victims of Human Trafficking (produced with Olga Trusova in conjunction with the International Organization for Migration) and is currently working on a graphic novel titled The Hardhat Riots. He received his MFA in cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont and co-teaches the Stanford Graphic Novel Project through the Creative Writing Program. See his work at: