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David Ho is editor for mobile, tablets and emerging technology at The Wall Street Journal. A longtime national reporter and media technology pioneer, he is founding editor and co-creator of the WSJ iPad app and Tablet Edition. A Poynter ethics fellow, Ho also teaches mobile journalism at the City University of New York and trains reporters around the world to use mobile tech in their work. Follow him on Twitter @DavidHo.

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News in motion: six ways to be a good mobile editor

So you want to be a mobile editor?

Or maybe you just got the gig. Congratulations! Now what?

I’ve heard that question a lot lately from newly minted mobile editors at organizations big and small. It’s not that surprising. Mobile has been the coming future of news and information for a long time, but many news outlets only woke up to its importance in the last year.

Why? That’s easy: 50 percent. Last year, many news organizations either hit or approached the 50 percent mark in digital traffic coming from mobile. That opened many eyes. It became very clear that mobile isn’t coming — it’s here. It’s been here. Mobile is now. And news organizations need mobile editors more than ever (read on for Six Ways To Be A Good Mobile Editor). Read more