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Represents the Poynter Institute at journalism organization meetings and conferences, National Writers' Workshops, and the Institute for Advancement of Journalism in South Africa. Helps writers to write better, editors to edit better, and managers to organize better through coaching. Directed the Institute's writing program from 1988-1994.

Unmuddling Middles

Many reporters write strong leads, back them up, and finish their story with an ending. But the middle "has no recognizable sequence of ideas, no flow of cause and effect, and no narrative, just puddles of information," as Roy Peter Clark and I complained in our latest edition of "Coaching Writers," on page 107. Many editors struggle to … Read More

Do-It-Yourself Journalism

Want to read something different in your newspaper? Start clipping examples and spreading the word. Read More

Start at the Copy Desk

Why not put all new reporters on the copy desk for a month? It's an unorthodox step that could improve the entire paper. Here's how. Read More