Eugenia Chien

Eugenia Chien runs Muni Diaries with Jeff Hunt and Tara Ramroop Hunt. Muni Diaries is a website where riders share their experiences on public transit in San Francisco. Muni Diaries was voted "Best Local Blog" by the readers of the San Francisco Bay Guardian and SFWeekly.

4 ways Muni Diaries readers document San Francisco bus riding

Complaining about riding the bus is sport in San Francisco. So when we started Muni Diaries, a website documenting stories that happen on public transit, there was a high chance that our website could devolve into a cesspool of … Read more


4 things news sites should know before partnering with a local blog

For the last three years, I’ve been running the website Muni Diaries, where public transit riders in San Francisco submit stories that happened on the bus. Along the way, we have been approached by several large news organizations … Read more

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