Jeremy Bowers


Jeremy Bowers is a senior developer at the Washington Post. Before that, he was a news technologist at the St. Petersburg Times, working on news apps like PolitiFact. You can reach him at

5 steps for building a successful news app team

It’s no longer a question: data-driven news applications generate traffic and engagement. And as organizations continue to prove, they’re also noteworthy pieces of important journalism.

Despite this, news applications at media organizations are still the exception and not the rule, and even fewer organizations have an officially organized team. If you’re thinking about how to organize a team of your own, or even how to start the discussion at your company, here are five principles to guide your work.

Recruit internally

Many of the best news apps developers have been recruited from different positions at the same company. For example, the news application team at Poynter’s St. Petersburg Times was built entirely from existing staffers. Matt Waite worked on PolitiFact while still technically a reporter. Read more