Jojo Malig

How many style guides do journalists really need?

I remember a fellow journalist telling me how her J-school professor once ordered students to write out the entire AP Stylebook by hand as part of a class project. The exercise, I was told, was designed to help the students … Read more


Journalists learn what works (& doesn’t work) on Tumblr

Tumblr’s “media evangelist” Mark Coatney recently announced the arrival of big names in the industry that have launched their own tumblelogs, including The Los Angeles Times, Al-Jazeera English and The Guardian. In the past year, more than 160 media organizations, … Read more

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Readers, editors recognize (or recognise?) divide between American & British English

British newspaper editors occasionally receive emails from irate readers complaining about how American words and phrases have crept into British dailies.

David Marsh, Guardian production editor, author of its style guide, and the man behind its style guide Read more