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So you got arrested in Ferguson, now what?

If you’re Matthew Giles, an NYU grad student studying in the Media, Culture and Communications department, then the answer has a few components.

1. Try and get your arrest record through a variety of ways.
2. Try and get disassociated from a group of protesters whose members were arrested on the same night.

Giles went to St. Louis and into Ferguson on August 14 with another student to talk with protesters and journalists.

“My focus was specifically on my Master’s thesis, which looks at media spectacle and the differences in each individual’s lived experiences vs. what comes up on national media,” he wrote in an email. (We also spoke on the phone.)

Giles got to know all of that for himself pretty well in Ferguson.

On Sunday, August 17th, he was arrested around 9 p.m.… Read more

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NPR’s Michel Martin heading to Ferguson: ‘Talking is the one thing we can all do’

St. Louis Public Radio

NPR’s Michel Martin will moderate a town hall meeting at Wellspring Church in Ferguson, Missouri, on Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. St. Louis Public Radio reports that the event is open to the public and there’s no cost to attend. Martin, who was previously the host of “Tell Me More,” appeared on St. Louis Public Radio’s “St. Louis on the Air” on Tuesday.

“Talking is the one thing we can all do,” she said.

I think one of the things that we hope to do in our field … is show people that you can have these conversations, important ones, difficult ones, painful ones, but you can have them and have them in a way that are constructive. That’s gonna be our task going forward.

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Police Shooting Missouri

Missouri professor: ‘You could teach a whole course on Ferguson’

The story of Michael Brown’s death and the city of Ferguson, of riots and protests, tear gas, arrests, a funeral and calls for action isn’t just one to watch because it’s news. For some journalism professors in Missouri, it’s a course on how news is created in 2014.

And for Amber Hinsley, Earnest Perry and Dan Kozlowski, it’s now also part of their latest curriculum.

“You could teach a whole course on Ferguson,” said Dan Kozlowski, an associate professor of communications at St. Louis University. This semester, Kozlowski teaches a First Amendment course called “Free Expression,” and he teaches media law in the spring. He’s not teaching a whole course on Ferguson, but there are issues from the past two weeks that will make it into his classes.… Read more


‘A time to mourn’: Newspaper front pages from Michael Brown’s funeral

More than two weeks after his death, thousands of people came to say goodbye to Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown, Elisa Crouch and Doug Moore reported for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on Monday.

It brought people to his funeral who had never met Brown. It brought mostly African-Americans, some who spent more than 12 hours driving from cities as far as Atlanta because they felt a strong connection to him despite knowing little about his life. He reminded them of their own sons and grandsons, and the difficult conversations they have had to have with their children about how to avoid getting shot by a police officer.

Here are five front pages, courtesy Newseum, from Brown’s funeral. … Read more

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ACLU, Guardian U.S. and Oklahoma Observer file lawsuit against state prison system

ACLU | The Guardian

On Monday, the ACLU filed a federal lawsuit along with The Guardian U.S. and The Oklahoma Observer, according to a press release, “seeking to stop Oklahoma prison officials from selectively filtering what journalists can see during an execution.” The lawsuit, which ACLU of Oklahoma also joined, has been filed against the director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and the warden of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in response to the April execution of Clayton Lockett.

“The state of Oklahoma violated the First Amendment, which guarantees the right of the press to witness executions so the public can be informed about the government’s actions and hold it accountable,” said ACLU Staff Attorney Lee Rowland. “The death penalty represents the most powerful exercise of government authority.

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Some journalists choose not to live-tweet Michael Brown’s funeral

A St. Louis Cardinals baseball at rests on top of Michael Brown’s casket before the start of his funeral at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis, Monday, Aug. 25, 2014. (AP Photo/New York Times, Richard Perry, Pool)

For a story that started and spread on Twitter, some journalists chose to be quiet, or quieter, on Monday for the funeral of Ferguson, Missouri, teenager Michael Brown.

I have a fluctuating list of journalists who are in St.Read more

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The people you meet on West Florissant (and what they think about the press)

It’s hot on Thursday night, the heavy Missouri humidity back after an unusually cool summer. Up and down West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri, people wipe the sweat from their heads, faces and necks.

Tammy Norman, though, is not dressed for a protest. She walks up to the roped-off area in a parking lot where CNN’s set up under a white tent, with tangles of cords and cameras and men standing like guards outside. She holds her phone and a disposable camera.

St. Louis resident Tammy Norman came out Thursday night to get a photo with Anderson Cooper.

“I see exactly who I came to see,” she says as she moves closer. Her hair’s pulled back in a neat ponytail and she wears a black and white houndstooth dress.… Read more

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How Argus Radio livestreams from Ferguson

If you’ve watched livestream night-vision footage of police clashing with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, or chanting, marching protesters, you probably saw at least some of that from Argus Radio.

But the independent, digital, volunteer-operated St. Louis, Missouri, station wasn’t livestreaming before a police officer shot and killed Michael Brown on Saturday, Aug. 9. A few days after that, their equipment arrived in the mail. Argus Radio’s Mustafa Hussein planned to offer livestreaming concerts to help independent musicians. When he saw what was happening in Ferguson, he grabbed the new gear, came to Ferguson on the night of Wednesday, August 13th, and started streaming.

Hussein has made news already. Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone wrote about Hussein and his operation. The Washington Post’s Andrea Peterson wrote about Hussein getting threatened by police while covering Ferguson.… Read more

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washington post

Inside The Washington Post’s makeshift Ferguson newsroom

Guests with cocktails and coffee sit in the dim lobby of the Marriott St. Louis Airport Hotel late on Thursday afternoon. A man tunes his guitar near the check-in desk. Men in khakis and polos roll their carry-on luggage out to the waiting shuttle.

There’s also a newsroom here, on the third floor, even though it’s really a conference room with a long table lined with chairs. On that long table sits an open chocolate bar, empty water bottles, a pack of notebooks, open laptops, tangled cords and a gas mask.

See? Newsroom.

From left, Kimberly Kindy, Chico Harlan, Lee Powell, Wesley Lowery and Krissah Thompson work from a makeshift hotel newsroom in St. Louis. (Photo by Kristen Hare)

Around the table today sit Krissah Thompson, Chico Harlan, Kimberly Kindy, Lee Powell and Wesley Lowery.… Read more


3 places journalists should see before they leave St. Louis

If you’re still in town covering Ferguson, or you’re on your way out, here are three places you should check out. They’re not tourists stops exactly, but they offer more context on this city, this region and its history. (With thanks to my former colleagues, now at St. Louis Public Radio, Margaret Wolf Freivogel, Susan Hegger and Donna Korando, for helping with these suggestions.)

The Old Courthouse, 11 N. 4th St., St. Louis:

Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton speaks during a news conference outside the Old Courthouse Tuesday, Aug. 12, 2014, in St. Louis. Michael Brown Jr., 18, who was unarmed, was shot to death Saturday by a Ferguson police officer while walking with a friend down the center of the street. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

The Old Courthouse is on the National Park Service’s National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom, according to the NPS.… Read more