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Larry's Luncheon Challenge

By Larry Larsen Multimedia Editor You'll find the following as part of my contribution to the current Week in Media feature. As the suggestion of one of my editors, I've broadened this challenge from "comprehensive article" to conversation in the feedback area. If you have ideas for coverage of this issue -- the historical context of domestic spying approved by … Read More

The Poynter Diet

Roy Peter Clark, Vice President, Senior Scholar and Reporting, Writing & Editing Faculty I never have the same diet of news every day, or even every week. In general order of how I might access them during the day, I consume: Imus in the Morning (MSNBC), The Today Show (at least the first hour), and surf the … Read More

Lessons From the Storm

Dropping preconceived notions and taking up new tools to tell new stories. Read More

One man band

Timothy Gaffney produces a wide range of media with a few digital tools. Read More