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Liz Barry grew up in Bethedsa, Md., and has a B.A. in English from Davidson College. She served as the editor-in-chief of Davidson's student newspaper, The Davidsonian, for two semesters, during which she initiated the launch of The Davidsonian Online. After Poynter, Liz hopes to work at a small to mid-size newspaper as a news or feature writer.

Personal Narrative - Liz Barry

A black sedan with chrome rims and a rust-red bumper cruises by. Its bass thumps the beat of a hip-hop song I don't recognize. I'm at Bad to the Bone Auto Shop and Accessories on 34th Street S, interviewing for a story about chrome car accessories. "Liz," calls a voice from behind, "why are you doing a story about chrome?" … Read More

Catchin' the blues

A Maryland girl gets her education in crab hunting on the Florida coast. Read More

Ready for the next step

Losing faith in public schools, Sennatra Priester's parents to a charter school, Life Skills, to help their daughter earn her high school diploma. Read More

Is this the next fast food?

One woman in St. Petersburg is working to bring healthy alternatives to a neighborhood rife with fast food chains. Read More

Welcome to West of 34th!

The hodgepodge of neighborhoods that we call the "West of 34th Street" beat includes places as diverse as Childs Park, the Central Avenue business district, the Route 19 corridor and Fairmont. It's bordered on the north by 12th Avenue North, on the east by the "East of 34th Street" beat and on the south by … Read More