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Marissa Evans is a D.C. based journalist focused on health policy, women's health issues and politics. Her work has appeared with Cosmopolitan for Latinas, Kaiser Health News, The Seattle Times, The Washington Post, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, U-T San Diego, The Star Tribune, Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service and Tweet her at @marissaaevans or email her


What journalists should know before taking a buyout

job-negotiationBuyouts have become commonplace in the journalism industry.

For instance, The New York Times announced it was requesting 100 voluntary buyouts last year and the Chicago Sun-Times announced earlier this month it plans to cut 22 percent of newsroom staff through buyouts and layoffs.

Experts say there are things journalists should consider before signing a buyout or severance agreement with their newsroom employers.

“The most important thing is to be aware of what rights [and/or claims] you’re releasing and what you’re not releasing,” said Katherine Blostein, a partner with Outten & Golden, a New York based law firm that represents employees.

She said it’s important to understand what obligations former employees still owe to the company, such as confidentiality or non-compete agreements. Blostein also said not to rule out legal counsel and consider pro bono assistance or lawyers who have a low hourly fee structure. Read more

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10 steps young journalists can take to get a great internship

It’s fall, which means it’s time for young journalists to start getting their internship applications ready. It’s best to work on your applications sooner rather than later, and to find ways to make your application stand out from all the others. Crafting a strong application takes time, but it’s worth it if it lands you an internship — and possibly a job later down the road.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when applying for internships this fall.

Start looking now. It’s October. If you haven’t looked into newsroom internships or at least started researching deadline dates and application materials you’ll need, you’re behind. There’s no reason you can’t start researching possible newsrooms where you’d like to work, even if the application deadline isn’t until early next year. Read more


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